Africa Vacation Packages

Africa Vacation PackagesAttainable & Accessible

Move Africa from a dream to a "do" destination with Monograms. Explore Tanzania, Botswana, Kenya or South Africa. Our easy to buy and even easier to enjoy packages allow you to put Africa at the top of your travel list.

Tanzania Private Safari – 9 Days South Africa Sojourn - 9 Days
Kenya Private Safari – 9 Days Kenya & Tanzania Private Safari – 15 Days
Classic Kenya Flying Safari – 9 Days Kenya Safari with Chimp & Gorilla Trekking – 15 Days

Africa Vacation PackagesSouth Africa Vacation Packages

South Africa

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Africa Vacation PackagesTanzania Vacation Packages


Tanzania Vacations

Africa Vacation PackagesKenya Vacation Packages

Africa Vacation PackagesKenya

Kenya Vacations

Africa Vacation PackagesAfrica Vacation Packages


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